Pidgin-GNTP Plugin

Growl support for Pidgin

Unstable Release removed

Added a Rev23b release a few days ago in an attempt to fix a bug where sockets aren't closed correctly.

It turns out that the bug was not caused in the plugin, and the code to fix it released made the plugin unstable. The release was removed from the site, and you should download Rev23 if you downloaded the other one.

The fix for the bug with the sockets should be out in the next release of Growl For Windows.

Pidgin-GNTP Revision 23

Updates the code that now communicates with Growl. This should hopefully solve a bug that froze both Pidgin and Growl until one was manually shutdown.
Also corrected a minor spelling error.

Note that from this version on the zip-file should be extracted to the pidgin directory, and not the plugin directory.

New version

New version released, quite a bit of code have been changed that does not add any functionalty.
So if something broke with this update let me know.

If you want to control if the new messages are sent you might need to remove Pidgin-GNTP from "Applications" in Growl, and restart the plugin for the new messages to appear.

Changes: Pidgin-GNTP (Rev 22)
Growl notifications when Buddy changes status
Growl notifications when Buddy changes status message

Foobar Teaser

Started looking into creating a plugin for Foobar2000 today.
So here's a small teaser on the progress.

Also released a new version of Pidgin-GNTP earlier today.
Didn't feel like making a post for it, so i'll just mention it here.

Changes: Pidgin-GNTP (Rev 19)
Removed duplicate entries of protocols in preferences window
Found two memory leaks (fixed)
Fixed a crash in chat-topic-change

New version and website design

Remade the website with a template from Arcsin

Also I set up an RSS feed for your convenience.

Report bugs and feature requests at
Anything else can be sent to

With the new functionality to comment you can also post issues and feature requests directly on this site.

Changes: Pidgin-GNTP (Rev 17)
New preference: Select what Pidgin protocols are allowed to send notifications to Growl